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If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change, Wayne Dyer  

"Thank you Greet for a powerful workshop. Thanks to your insights and great questioning I was able to work out what my main values are and loved the Lightbulb moments, of which there were many. I also loved the structure of your workshop and will take away a lot of insights with me. I look forward to the future workshops with much anticipation "  ~Andy Whittle

"I immensely enjoyed the workshop "Loving what you do" and can recommend it to anybody longing to understand their life's mission, (re)connect to the most authentic part of themselves and find fresh strength to reach out towards their professional hopes and dreams. Greet managed to create a completely safe space of trust and support in which we could be relaxed and open, enter our inner world and "unpack" even some "heavier stuff". Thanks to the workshop, I managed to connect the dots and I found some missing blocks in the puzzle of my life. Thank you Greet!" ~ Dijana Zoric


Time to find your Purpose - Sunday 27th January 2019

Are you aware of what you want? Do you feel there is something not quite right with your life, but don’t know what?

Our values are massively influential in terms of making decisions, understanding relationships and finding our purpose, however we’re often unaware of them.

Using simple questions, this workshop has been designed to help you clearly identify your values, passions and strengths and the themes that run through your life. It will enable you to discover what’s important to you, what makes you sing and what makes you, you.

The result:

You’ll leave 'Time to find your purpose' knowing the essential tools to help you better understand yourself, your life and the purpose you’ve been looking for. You will have the drive and enthousiasm to take steps towards your ideal life!

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Time to find your direction - Sunday 3rd March 2019

Are you looking for your next step? Do you wish you knew how the next few years would turn out?

Professor Alex Pouget’s studies demonstrate how our unconscious brain makes all the best decisions for us – although they’re not always easy to tap into.

This workshop will help you plan the next two years of your life by exploring both your conscious and unconscious brain. You'll start by following your intuition to find the goal you want and then you’ll consciously plot the journey to get there.

The result:

Time to find your direction will equip you with a visual map of your ideal future. You'll find certainty on the goals that are truly important to you and a plan to make it all happen.

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Time to find a new perspective: Sunday 31st March 2019

Are you stuck in the same routine? Would you like things to change, but don’t know how?

This workshop is designed to help you find alternative ways of thinking to shake you happily out of your comfort zone. Different perspectives open you up to new ways of seeing situations, which then allow you to create a memorable tagline for your new big vision, keeping you determined and motivated.

The result:

You’ll leave Time to find a new perspective with new ways of looking at life - ways that will excite you, ways that will provide clarity, and ways that will motivate you to change.

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Time to focus: Sunday 28th April 2019

Do you feel overwhelmed and not sure what to prioritise? Are you trying to do too many things at once?

We can easily find ourselves getting burnt out with the number of tasks we have to do – and very often it’s the tasks we don’t really want to do that make us feel this way.

Columbia Professor, Sheena Iyengar, finds that when we’re presented with multiple of options we’re unable to make decisions that allow us to move forwards and so we stay stuck in a whirlwind of choices. This workshop will enable you to prioritise those options, so you can easily move forward.

The result:

Time to focus will help you focus on what you really want to achieve and help you prioritise your time better. You'll leave this workshop feeling engaged, efficient, empowered and knowing how to achieve your goals.

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A general note on workshops ...

To sit on a chair and listen is not my idea of learning! All too often you end up with manuals at the bottom of your drawer and continue with business as usual. To learn new insights, to gain new skills, to change in a way you would like to change can be fun.

But don’t get me wrong, everyone tends to work in my ‘Enjoy & Learnshops’ and get serious, lasting results. And yes, I do believe in the usual: creating a safe environment is condition sine qua non for growth, so I always make sure everyone feels safe and accepted. I marvel at differences between people, since they enable us to learn from each other.

To me, Enjoy &Learn! -shops are about igniting the spark in people, so respect for everyone is paramount.

All workshops are a mixture of theory –often including the latest insights on the functioning of the brain and the impact of it on our behavior-, short assignments, reflection and sharing. Some of the themes :

  • 21st Century Leadership: moving people forward
  • Preventing and addressing stress and burn-out
  • Creating more flow by being aware of our motivations
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Stress management
  • Better communication, better results
  • Deep listening: enhancing one’s skills in listening

Do get in touch for more details and to find out how I could assist your organization with the challenges faced.

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- Life Clubs are held monthly at the Institute of Neurocognitivism, Avenue Tervueren 81, 1040 Brussels

- Start 10 am, finish 1 pm, doors open at 9.45 am. Coffee, tea and snacks will be ready!

- Prices: 67 € for 1 workshop, 3 consecutive workshops 168 €. Prices include all materials, drinks & snacks and VAT. Just bring a pen!

- Subscribe by sending me an e-mail (click here), and payment of the right amount on BE63 7340 3651 0708.

Life Clubs courses are used in local clubs and in the workplace to give everyone a chance to get more out of life. People join us for all sorts of reasons – to cope better with the potholes in their life, to get a confidence boost and often just for time to think. Whatever your reasons, you're welcome.

Our monthly workshops are to help you create a decluttered life - one in which you can laugh more, love more, play more and earn more. Each workshop is fun and practical, using original materials created by Nina Grunfeld and drawing on her experience as a bestselling self-help author, columnist and professional coach.

I will lead you through some fun, interactive exercises, proven to make you happier, from which you’ll learn valuable personal development techniques that you will be able to use time and time again.


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