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If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change, Wayne Dyer  

A note on the workshops

To sit on a chair and listen is not my idea of learning! All too often you end up with manuals at the bottom of your drawer and continue with business as usual. To learn new insights, to gain new skills, to change in a way you would like to change can be fun.

But don’t get me wrong, everyone tends to work in my ‘Enjoy & Learnshops’ and get serious, lasting results. And yes, I do believe in the usual: creating a safe environment is condition sine qua non for growth, so I always make sure everyone feels safe and accepted. I marvel at differences between people, since they enable us to learn from each other.

To me, Enjoy &Learn! -shops are about igniting the spark in people, so respect for everyone is paramount.

All workshops are a mixture of theory –often including the latest insights on the functioning of the brain and the impact of it on our behavior-, short assignments, reflection and sharing. Some of the themes :

  • 21st Century Leadership: moving people forward
  • Preventing and addressing stress and burn-out
  • Creating more flow by being aware of our motivations
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Stress management
  • Better communication, better results
  • Deep listening: enhancing one’s skills in listening

Do get in touch for more details and to find out how I could assist your organization with the challenges faced.

Send me an e-mail by clicking here, or ring me on 015/62 06 35


Simplify action

Some of the tangible results of a workshop
'Simplify your Life'




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