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Don’t wait for the perfect occasion to start. Getting started makes the occasion perfect, Alan Cohen   

My aim is to make you take steps towards the very best version of you and towards the most beautiful life you can imagine. As a basis, I often use the structured, well-tested approach of Life Planning to guide individuals and couples towards their concept of freedom. But I am very flexibiel and will use all the tools I know (and I have done quite some workshops already and master different techniques) to get lasting results in the shortest possible time span.

Why plan your life?

  • Because there is power in planning. When plans are carefully thought through and written out, they tend to come true, whatever the obstacles.
  • Because a plan can serve you as a guide, helping you align your deepest values, beliefs and goals with your earning power and financial resources so you can realize your dreams.
  • Because directing yourself to the chosen destination energizes you,  brings up a surprising amount of passion and enthusiasm, and creates an amazing sense of freedom.


The step by step approach enables you to think both broadly and deeply about what matters most to you, to get a clear picture of what your ideal life looks like, to defeat obstacles and to start taking steps towards your dream life.  And all of this in a very short span of time.

Coaching sessions can be held in Brussels, Avenue Tervueren 81, or in nature, close to Brussels.

A first session is free of charge, so what could possibly keep you? Call me on 015/62 06 35, or send an e-mail by clicking here.




Greet Selderslaghs with George Kinder, the founder of the George Kinder Method of Life Planning.



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