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I am standing still, and this is a big step forward, Bertold Brecht

Life Planning is for you!

Life Planning is for everyone striving for a richer, fuller life, professionally, financially and personally. It is about standing still for a moment and looking with fresh eyes at what is most important in your life, right now and in the future. And obviously not just look at it, but reach out and make your dreams become reality!
Typically, our clients find themselves at some sort of crossroads in their lives, such as:

  • Being at the peak of their career and wondering what is next
  • Having grown up children who have moved out of the house
  • Nearing retirement and wondering about the direction to take
  • Worrying about not having enough money to achieve their goals
  • Struggling with the work-life balance
  • Feeling ready for a career move, without knowing what they really would like to do
  • Considering taking a sabbatical, or writing a book, travelling the world, setting up a business, … but don’t act on it
  • Dealing with a life threatening illness or with the bereavement of a dear one
  • Looking for less stress, more meaning, more joy, more peace of mind, …
  • Wanting to enjoy life with the money they earn, rather than accumulate money for the sake of it.

And even if you find yourself in none of the above situations, Life Planning can still be of great value to you. So why not discover what it is really about through a mutual interest meeting at our expense? Should you prefer a short contact by skype first , that's fine with us too. Call 00 32 15 62 06 35 and be prepared for the Art of Good Living…


There is power in planning ...


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