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Grass doesn't grow by pulling it, but through watering the roots, African Saying 

My name is Greet Selderslaghs and I am the person behind Art of Good Living. I strive to be authentic, warm and understanding, in all I do.

My experience in the business world makes me want to look for tools which are both effective and efficient, and Life Planning is definitely such a tool. For myself, it brought a better focus on what is really important to me; which in a nutshell is my partner Willi, my family and friends, Life Planning and writing a novel. I dropped some projects where I had put in a lot of effort, without getting any results. And all this feels amazingly good, and ‘right’. It’s a relief to finally find myself on the right track.

I’ve been passionate about interacting with people all my life. First I studied to be a designer, shaping interiors which would make people feel good.

Soon I retrained, preparing myself for the corporate world. I have plenty of experience in a Human Resources environment with projects in art, architecture, communication and coaching.

I have been taking pleasure in facilitating both individuals and groups for more than 15 years, and this fuelled my passion for what drives people even more. In many places around the world, religion is a major drive. So I took –some years ago- a master degree at Leuven University in Interreligious Dialogue, World Religions and Study of Religion, which included anthropology and psychology.

And since I sincerely believe the world is much in need of a different type of leadership, I’ve recently completed a year’s training in sustainable leadership.

I take a keen interest in art, architecture, poetry, literature, … I travelled extensively to all sorts of destinations (Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, China, Uzbekistan, Guatemala, Israel, Sri Lanka, India, …) broadening my mind and my understanding of religion and culture. I love painting and decorating the house, and am proud of my vegetable plot.

Biodanza is another passion of mine, as it also allows people to grow and transform their lives. Spending time with friends, going on walks, enjoying good food and wine, … count me in



Going through the extensive Life Planning training enhanced my listening skills and empathy. I find myself completely dedicated to bringing about positive change in your life too, and granting you the best possible life you can imagine. The Art of Good Living indeed.


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